Note: This video made when RandomMomentania was focused on just making game tutorials. This will be replaced in the future!

Developing quality games, tutorials, and other products

RandomMomentania has two main goals: Creating quality games and products that we believe in, and giving back to the community to help build a better future for everyone.

Creating quality games and products

Here at RandomMometania, we are dedicated to trying to make the best, highest quality games and products we can.

We push ourselves forward and do not settle. We are constantly learning new techniques, tools, workflows, and solutions. When we make games and other products, we want to always try to strive for the best we can possibility do.

Each and every one of our games have been carefully crafted to provided a experience that we believe is fun, interesting, and worth your time.

Here at RandomMomentania, we only make games that we personally believe in. We are passionate about making creative and interesting games that we would want to play ourselves, and we hope that shows in our work!

Likewise, we aim to make our other products just as great as our games. Whether it is software to help you get something done, or a mug for your favorite beverage, we believe it should be the best we can create.

To help ensure we stay true to our vision, we have four core values that we always try to keep in mind with everything we do:

RandomMomentania's 4 core values

Develop with a purpose

RandomMomentania stands behind the idea that we should want to use our own products and play our own games.

If we would not want to use and play what we create, then why would anyone else?

We believe in being passionate about what we work on so that we make the highest quality games and other products we can. This means making things we feel are creative, interesting, and/or fun.

Never stop learning

Here at RandomMomentania, we never want to stop learning. There is always new things to discover, new places to see, and new people to meet.

This also applies to the works we create. We do not want to get stuck making the same thing over and over again, and so we strive to always push ourselves forward.

Create for everyone

RandomMomentania believes in striving to be as inclusive to all people, from all backgrounds.

Take responsibility

Unfortunately, it is impossible to never make any mistakes. However, at RandomMomentania, when we make mistakes we want to do our best to try and find a solution that works for everyone.

We are not perfect, but we want to do our part in building a better future for everyone.

Want to play our games? Take a look at our games page and see what we’ve made. We also have free games available too!

Giving back to the community

Here at RandomMomentania, we believe in giving back to the community and helping others achieve their dreams.

That is why RandomMomentania also has game development tutorials, available for free and for everyone, showing you how various steps in the process of making quality games.

Game development can be difficult. Even for the simplest games there are a multitude of skills to learn, many of which can be daunting and confusing.

While we are still learning ourselves, we believe that anyone can make games. With the massive amount of free and inexpensive options out there for game development right now, it has never been easier to start making.

Here at RandomMomentania, we want to help you make your dream game a reality.

RandomMomentania's library of tutorials have the following features:

Teaching every stop of the game development process

Everything from the beginning to the end, all using free or inexpensive software.

Not locking you in

We want to have tutorials across many different tools and software here at RandomMomentania, so you can choose the one that is best for you.

We do not believe in settling, and are constantly on the lookout for new tools and software!

A focus on 3D

Here at RandomMomentania, we primarily specialize in 3D games. Because of this, we generally make 3D game development tutorials!

We want to show you how we make stunning, fully 3D games using modern techniques like Physics Based Rendering (PBR) and modern technology like Virtual Reality. (VR)

While it is not the dimension we primarily work in for our own games, we do 2D work too! We get that not everyone is interested in 3D, and so we make 2D game development tutorials too!

Project files included

Project files are included with almost every tutorial, letting you jump right in to the tutorial. These project files can include:

  • Source code files
  • 3D models and materials
  • 2D sprites, fonts, and other image materials
  • Sound effects, music, and other audio files

You must include attributions to use some/all of the assets provided. Please read LICENSE.html or LICENSE.pdf, which are included in each download, for details on attribution.

An ever growing library

New tutorials are added all the time, expanding the ever growing library of tutorials.

Learning more than the basics

There’s plenty of tutorials teaching the basics of game development, but it gets pretty sparse once you are beyond the basics.

Here at RandomMomentania, we want to teach not only the basics, but the more advance stuff too!

Not just games

While we want to focus on teaching game development tutorials, as RandomMomentania specializes in game development, we’re also open to making tutorials on all sorts of things!

If you want to learn about other aspects of RandomMomentania, or something else entirely, let us know!

You can reach us through the Contract page. We’d love to hear from you!

Navigating through the site

You can browse through RandomMomentania using the navigation bar on the top of the website.

Many of the options in the navigation bar expand to show more options to help you find exactly what you are looking for.

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