Meet the mind behind RandomMomentania

My name is Noah Beard, though I usually go by the username TwistedTwigleg.

At 11 years old I started learning how to program, with the intent of making games I wanted to play. Over the years, I’ve used game engines/frameworks like Pygame, ImpactJS, Godot, and Unity3D to create my own games.

I’ve taught myself to program in dozens of programming languages and game engines/frameworks. I can program in C++, JavaScript, C#, Java, Python, Haxe, and GDScript, just to name a few.

All these different programing languages and game engines/frameworks have taught me valuable lessons in how to make games, regardless of the programming language and/or game engines/frameworks.

In the past 3 years, I have been refining my game development workflow, primarily using open source software. Like many starting out in professional game development, I had little funds to fuel my desire to make games. Because of this, I started finding ways to make great games on an extremely tight budget.

This brought me to open source software. Open source software is great, particularly when you are on a tight budget, because the software is freely available for anyone to use.

But open source software is not the only option if you are on a tight budget! I have also learned how to use free, non-open source software like Unity3D.

My goal is to teach you how to make games, without money being a limiting factor.

I’m also an avid fencer, hobbyist writer, and coffee fanatic!