Dreams of Fire Game Page

Dreams of Fire is a puzzle game with a twist: You have to work in both 2D and 3D to solve puzzles that affect both dimensions!

Dreams of Fire is an original game that was inspired by a game made for a game jam.

You can find the jam version of Dreams of Fire right here, along with the source code for that jam game here. You can play the game that inspired this game, and even look at the source code to see how the jam/prototype game works!

Using the jam version as a base, RandomMomentania remade and reworked the idea into a full game that expands and refines the concepts expressed in the jam game. Everything was written from the ground up to provide challenging puzzles that are fun to solve.


  • Dreams of Fire has 30 carefully crafted levels. These levels can be played in any order and are designed to be challenging and fun.
  • A fully featured, powerful level editor is included with Dreams of Fire. The level editor allows you to make levels just like those included in the game. Our tools are your tools.
  • The controls are fully customizable, with every key in the game configurable so you can play using whatever key layout is ideal for you. The graphic settings are customizable too, allowing you to tweak the game so it looks great and runs fast.
    • Right now the mouse is required to play the game, and there is no controller support. This may change in the future!
  • Share levels with others across different devices easily. Levels in Dreams of Fire are stored within a single file, so sharing levels with friends is as simple as attaching it in an email. Create your puzzles and share them with the world!
  • Runs on all major desktop platforms: Windows, MacOS, and Linux.
Credits and Special Thanks


Dreams of Fire was developed solely by Noah “TwistedTwigleg” Beard. Listed below are all of the assets created by others that are used in Dreams of Fire.

Unless otherwise noted, everything else within the game was created by RandomMomentania.

Credits for assets used are as follows:

NOTE: None of the companies, websites, and/or programs listed above have sponsored or endorsed Dreams of Fire in any way, shape, or form.

Special Thanks

Thanks to the following people for helping make Dreams of Fire a reality (in no particular order):

  • Base Camp Trenton (link)
  • Bucks County Academy of Fencing (link)
  • Laura Beard Art (link)
  • Everyone who has helped with the Godot Game Engine (link)
  • Everyone that has helped with the Unity3D Game Engine (link)
  • Everyone on the Godot community forums (link)
  • Those running the Godot jam that inspired the original game concept
  • Friends, Family, and anyone I forgot to mention. Thanks! I couldn’t have gotten here without your support!

NOTE: None of the companies, websites, and/or programs listed above have sponsored or endorsed Dreams of Fire in any way, shape, or form.

Legal Stuff

The license agreement for Dreams of Fire is included in a separate page on RandomMomentania, which you can find HERE. The agreement is also included in the README.PDF file, with is included all downloads of the game.

Using an agreement helps protect both of us legally and allows RandomMomentania to continue to grow.  Thanks!

NOTE: Also, it should be noted that we do not have much experience in regards to this kind of thing, so there may be mistakes here and there. We are game developers, not lawyers. Thanks

Where To Buy

Currently, you can find Dreams of Fire on Itch.IO:

Thanks for reading!

If you have any feedback, suggestions, or more, feel free to contract us at TwistedTwigleg@RandomMomentania.com or through one of the game pages listed above, and we’ll do our best to back to you as soon as possible!

Follow us on Twitter if you to follow along with what we are doing and see what we are working on next.

Thanks, and I hope you enjoy the game!